Manually Exporting Raw Data in Full Emperor


This guide will demonstrate how to export raw data from Emperor Software, the process is identical for all version of Full Emperor. 

Launch the Emperor Software in Programmed Testing Mode and load up either your Results or Library file. 

Emperor Launch Screen

In order to export raw data it will have to be set up first, go to Setup and click 'Report and Data Export' from the drop down menu. 

Report and Data Export Selection

A new window will open as below to allow configuration for the export 

Reporting and Data Exporting Menu
Reporting and Data Exporting Menu

Within the 'Reporting and Data Exporting' window clikc on the 'Raw Data Export' tab and tick the 'Export Raw Data to File' in order to customise the settings. 

To carry out a basic export the following can be left with the default settings

Export Format Scheme 

Action at End of Test

Write Options

Select modification at time of export? 

Select type of file under 'Export to' section which gives the option of CSV, TAB or XML. Next is the save location 'Export File' by default this is set to C:\ProgramData\Mecmesin\Emperor\Force\Export.