VectorPro 8.2 - Software release video guide to new features

Release Note

VectorPro™ Software

VectorPro™VectorPro™ MT and VectorPro™ Lite are all registered trademarks of Mecmesin.

VectorPro is a dedicated software solution used for the programming and acquisition of data from a range of Mecmesin test stands and instruments.

The software enables users to capture data from Mecmesin test stands and instruments, perform calculations and export/report calculations and test data. In addition, VectorPro can provide secure audit trails and user management systems. Operation sequences can be constructed by intuitive drag-and-drop control, with test editing including versioning control for full traceability. The test attributes system can be used to store information such as lists, notes and images.

Software version

VectorPro is at version 8.2 as of 28 February 2023.

Summary of changes

  • New 'Custom Domains' for more tailored application requirements for both product testing & material testing
  • New Samples deletion functionality for batch testing to optimise speed and storage requirements.
  • New 'double click" functionality to add operations to the timeline
  • More complex password feature added for SQL Server installation

Video guide





The video guide covers the changes and improvements in the latest version of VectorPro. Presented by Carl Bramley, Materials Testing Product Manager.

If the player fails to load or you are experiencing issues watching the video, please contact our digital team at


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