VectorPro test software

VectorPro is an advanced force, materials and torque testing software package developed to perform tensile, shear, bend, compression and torque tests on a whole array of materials, components and products. Present measurement data graphically and issue customised test reports.

Software downloads

You can download our software packages online. Click here to select the software package you need for your Mecmesin equipment.


Release Notes

  • VectorPro 9.2 - Software release video guide to new features

    • New Auto collapse 'Operations' groups and 'Results' groups in test definition
    • New Dual Y-axis support in custom domain
    • Improved 'VectroPro unhandling exception' message for clarity
    • New 'Replay' and 'Replay & Record' sample feature
    • 'Break' settings moved from the 'Specimen' tab to the 'Operations' tab in the test definition
  • VectorPro 9.1 - Software release video guide to new features

    • Fullscreen login option
    • New conditional operations for the timeline:
      • 'Greater Than or Equal To'
      • 'Less Than or Equal To'
    • New toolbox options:
      • 'Clear Home' - clear a predefined home position
      • 'Move to Home' - move crosshead to predefined home position
      • 'Break Detection' toggle - prevent operations triggering any false break detection by firmware
    • Automatic conversion of unit values when units are changed in Results or Specimen tabs
    • Report template updates
  • VectorPro 8.3 - Software release video guide to new features

    • Extended product range support
    • New Report Template 12 with minimalistic design optimised for multiple graphs and simple tables
    • Settings such as the logo and the axis information in report templates are now saved with the test definition
    • New Loop/Cycle operation
    • New Digital I/O operations to support applications such as the automated carousel
      • Pause Message – digital input to continue a test
      • Pause Message – timer to continue a test
      • Operation to set a digital output
      • Operation to clear a digital output
    • New Abort operation
    • New Jump operation and a new Stop operation
      • Load Limit Jump
      • Displacement Limit Jump
      • Stress Limit Jump
      • Strain Limit Jump
      • Timer Jump
    • A notes attribute can now be linked dynamically to a pause operation’s message for greater detail and reporting
    • A more intuitive results view for test samples
    • Results filtering based on date, user and attributes
    • New samples Archive and Trash feature to optimise local storage
    • New sensors diagnostics tool for the test stand to streamline the production/manufacturing process
    • Copying an existing batch set to allow rapid batch testing
    • VCS Export now accepts multiple email addresses for faster sharing
  • VectorPro 8.2 - Software release video guide to new features

    • New 'Custom Domains' for more tailored application requirements for both product testing & material testing
    • New Samples deletion functionality for batch testing to optimise speed and storage requirements.
    • New 'double click" functionality to add operations to the timeline
    • More complex password feature added for SQL Server installation
  • VectorPro 7.1 - Software release video guide to new features

    • VectorPro installer is now signed by our own digital certificate - including all EXE and DLL files
    • New "Area for Texture Analysis" support
    • New "Texture Characteristics" calculation support
    • New reporting template (11) adding a graph overlaying all samples with domain-selection dropdown list
  • VectorPro 6.14 - Software release video guide to new features

    • VectorPro V6.14 must be paired with the firmware V3.1.4 due to the “Absolute Position” support from the firmware
    • Value @ Operation Enhanced with Maximum and Minimum
    • Batch Report templates - 4 new ones added
    • Add items to existing Pre-defined Attribute List
    • ...
  • VectorPro - Software Release Notes

    • 'Value@' calculation added
    • 'Verify' limits function added to calculations
    • 'Number' attribute added
    • 'Toe correction for slack' added
    • Driver for thermal/barcode printer added