Release Notes

  • VectorPro 9.2 - Software release video guide to new features

    • New Auto collapse 'Operations' groups and 'Results' groups in test definition
    • New Dual Y-axis support in custom domain
    • Improved 'VectroPro unhandling exception' message for clarity
    • New 'Replay' and 'Replay & Record' sample feature
    • 'Break' settings moved from the 'Specimen' tab to the 'Operations' tab in the test definition
  • VectorPro 9.1 - Software release video guide to new features

    • Fullscreen login option
    • New conditional operations for the timeline:
      • 'Greater Than or Equal To'
      • 'Less Than or Equal To'
    • New toolbox options:
      • 'Clear Home' - clear a predefined home position
      • 'Move to Home' - move crosshead to predefined home position
      • 'Break Detection' toggle - prevent operations triggering any false break detection by firmware
    • Automatic conversion of unit values when units are changed in Results or Specimen tabs
    • Report template updates