VectorPro fails to launch after a new installation?


VectorPro fails to launch after a new installation?

The software is installed from the Windows batch file that can be found in the installation folder, NOT the setup.exe file.

Select the correct .bat file for the host operating system, Windows 7 or Windows 8 & 10.

Vector Pro should always be installed on the host PC using Local administrator rights.

The user will need full access control to the following locations:

Default database location - C:\ProgramData\Mecmesin\VectorPro\

Default install Location - C:\Program Files (x86)\Mecmesin\VectorPro\

If the PC is using a Domain network and multiple user accounts are required for use with VectorPro, the following error maybe encountered when starting the software from the desktop shortcut and a non-administrative level user account.



To solve the issue, an account on the host PC with administrator rights will be required.

  1. The folder "C:\ProgramData\Mecmesin" will need to be given "Full Control" to the "Domain Users" group.
  2. Use "Windows Explorer" to delete the shortcut "VectorPro" in "C:\Users\Public\Desktop".
  3. Go to the Desktop (C:\Users\Public\Desktop) and create a new shortcut to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mecmesin\VectorPro\Gaia.WinApp.exe". Rename it "VectorPro".

Note for 32-bit operating systems the short cut needs to be made to "C:\Program Files\Mecmesin\VectorPro\Gaia.WinApp.exe". Rename it "VectorPro".

              Any domain user will be able to launch VectorPro from this new Desktop shortcut.