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How to download our software

To download the latest version(s) of our software you need to login or register on Mecmesin | Help.

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Please read the release notes below before upgrading VectorPro and please contact our technical support team for assistance with software and firmware upgrades. Failure to apply the updates correctly could irreversibly damage your test stand or loadcell.


How to download VectorPro
You can access the latest version of our test software through our dedicated software download app. Your instrument serial number and user registration is required.

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Important release notes for VectorPro

  • Upgrading your software
    A VectorPro upgrade to v9.2 is only recommended for users of VectorPro v6.1 (or newer versions)
  • Firmware dependency
    • VectorPro v6.14+ must be paired with firmware v3.1.4, following the introduction of 'Absolute Position' support.
    • VectorPro v8.3 must be paired with firmware v3.1.7 (or newer), following the introduction of 'Move % of Absolute Position' operation and the 'User Defined ELS Load Limits' condition.
    • VectorPro v9.2 must be paired with firmware v3.2.2, following updates to firmware behaviours toward break detection, clearing of a predefined home position, and moving to a predefined home position.
  • Upgrading your test stand firmware
    If you are upgrading a test stand to the latest firmware (v3.1.4, v3.1.7, v3.2.2 or newer), please make sure it is supported and all precautions have been taken prior to upgrading the firmware, as well as the VectorPro software and database.

    If you're not sure whether your stand supports the latest firmware, please contact our technical support team or your authorised Mecmesin representative.

  • Upgrading your ELS firmware
    Upgrading the test stand firmware to v3.2.2 or later may also trigger an upgrade of the ELS firmware to a newer version
  • Installer
    VectorPro installer is digitally signed by Mecmesin/PPT Group (including all EXE and DLL files)

Do I need VectorPro with or without SQL Server?

This depends on your data storage requirements. Your Mecmesin technical sales engineer will be able to advise you on which installer to select and if the bundled SQL server is appropriate based on your use and IT requirements.


Please note that as of VectorPro 6.13 the downloadable installer only supports the 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows operating system.